Replacing the term ‘wedding video’ with ‘wedding film’ has been a long journey; one that has seen a lot of success, but not without mistakes.

Now that this avenue is being pursued by film-makers predominantly, we invite you to come and learn from our experiences and develop a better approach to documentary filmmaking at The Wedding Filmer Workshops.

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Our speakers include some of the coolest names in the industry who will break down the science of making art on screen to you.

Vishal Punjabi:
The founder of The Wedding Filmer, Vishal brings with him years of experience in storytelling and he’s here to nurture new talent, share trade secrets and bring magic alive on screen!

Gaurav Chopra:
With over 20 years of experience behind him, GC has carved a niche for himself as one of the finest sound engineers in the country. Learn from him how you can use sound to add a whole new dimension to the film!

Neil Sadwelkar:
What started as digital solutions for films, has today become one of Hindi Cinema’s biggest workflow and data management company lead by Neil! He will teach you how to avoid mismanagement and get more efficient in the business of making art!

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₹ 5,000PER SEAT



Some tell stories on papers, some through photographs, and us, we tell stories in 24fps. In today’s day and age, any story that you think of has already been told. So how then does one cultivate an original thought?


Behind every successful filmmaker in the world, is an equally successful producer! Something that many people easily miss while shooting wedding films, when in reality it makes a world’s difference to have a production plan in place.


The eyes and ears of your film. We’re often told that our films look like the movies. And this cinematic effect is largely because of the gear we use. Having the right equipment is instrumental in adding production value to your film, but how to choose the right ones?


How and when should one capture the sound at a wedding? And where in the film should it be used? Should it be continuous or have breaks? With music or without? How should it be treated? If you haven’t already asked yourself these questions, ask them now!


This is where it all comes together. Every film needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end. The pace with which the story moves will decide how involved a viewer is in its unfolding. Speed, music and sound are amongst the few factors that set a scene’s mood. Learn how to employ these and a lot more as we deconstruct a scene.


Music goes straight through the emotional vein and adds more meaning to every experience. The right song at the right time can instantly transport you back to a memory. Understanding the art of background marking and how to time a track is an art rarely taught.


Colour, much like lighting, affects the mood and feel of a film and how we interpret it. A good colour grade is the difference between a professional and an amateur film. But there isn’t a set type for grading. Based on what should you decide the look of a film then?


In our field of work, data is the biggest currency. Errors in data (mis)management could mean hours or even days of work being lost. Know the dos and don’ts of storage and adapt a proper workflow to eliminate these risks.


Whether you’re an established videographer, a photographer who’s looking to expand the horizon or just passionate about films, there’s something to take away for everyone!


From films to marketing to how we deliver our final product, ask us anything you want to know one on one.


Come and learn the trade secrets of some of the biggest names in HD videography in the country today and stand a chance to work with us!