Meher Teri

21st July

After capturing over a 100 weddings, what’s most humbling is that along with our films, the music we use has become a part of The Wedding Filmer's identity. Making music for a wedding film requires a structure and an approach that leaves space for improvisation. As artists there are times when we can get a little carried away with our creative liberties. But these songs are for a bride and a groom at the end of the day. The music and the meaning must resonate with the story being told. That has been our attempt with Meher Teri, a TWF cover of Mumford & Sons’ I Will Wait for Inder & Simran’s film. Watch the making above to see what went behind creating this soulful rendition. Lyrics: Manoj Yadav Composer: Sagar Desai Strings: Chintoo Singh Lead Vocals: Raghav Meattle Male Backing Vocals & Mastering: Gaurav Ch...
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